Shawna Lathan Ministries

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Apostle Shawna E.R. Lathan was born in Georgetown, Guyana South America and migrated to the United States with her parents and siblings in 1980, she grew up in St. Louis, Missouri and shortly after graduating High School entered the United States Army. She is a Veteran of the US Army of where she served faithfully 12 years, from her service and additional schooling, she acquired her AA degree in Applied Science and worked in the civilian life as an LPN. She was called by God to move and Evangelize; since faithfully serving with her husband promotion came for them to "launch out" and has been the Pastor of The One Ministries for 4 years. The congregation has grown from 13 in attendance to 50, now also the Interim Pastor of Hollandale Advent Christian Church. She is 46 years old and Pastor of The One Ministries in Spring Lake, NC.

God has blessed Apostle Shawna Lathan with multiple gifting; she is the Administrator for the Global Dynamic Prayer Line, Director of Operations for Faithlink Inc., former Secretary for the Spring Lake Ministerial Alliance, Secretary for the Believers Evangelical Conference, she is a Parent Sponsor of a successful Modeling Troupe and involved in numerous community activities. She has distinguished herself as a Pastor with a heart for Deliverance and Prophetic teachings. She along with her husband has partnered and commandeered an orphanage in Kissi, Kenya. She is a new Author of a book on Prayer.

  Apostle Shawna Lathan has a passion for seeing the lives of people truly transformed by connecting to the power of prayer. She is the author of the book Protocol to the King. She is multi-cultural and multi-national in her Ministry calling bringing many together.
Shawna is the wife of Apostle Thaddeus Lathan and the mother of Phillip. This, she has identified to be her highest honor, title and achievement.
Upcoming Services
June 13th -Apostle speaks at Freedom Temple WWC in Fayetteville, NC
July 6-7th -The SLPM Elevation Service

Worship Medley: I Worship You / In The Spirit
Shekinah Glory Ministry (Praise Is What I Do - Disc 2)

Protocol to the King's Chamber-Celebrating our 1-year Anniversary!!!