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What will it take?

Posted by [email protected] on January 23, 2015 at 12:45 AM Comments comments (42)

I'm a former Ferguson, MO resident and my heart is grieving with the Brown family and with every parent who has had to bury "their child." We've been hearing the Clarion Call to pray for our nation, cry out to God for our children; yet we've ignored the sounds. What more is it going to take? The commandments came DOWN, prayers came OUT, guns came IN, the numbers of school shootings came UP! Yet we ignore the "call." Twisted minds can only do what they have been allowed to do, but the Awesome thing about PRAYER, is that it can confound the "strongman," the twisted mind that can't think straight to make right decisions based on the Foundations of the Word of God, the same foundation that America was founded on! Folks, this is our alarm clock to wake up, roll out of your spiritual beds and pray; before we begin seeing worse than Michael Brown, worse than Trayveon Martin, and all the other injustices we've seen in our short lifetime! #Americawakeup #2Chronicles7:14

Spiritual Adjustment

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Folks! This is NOT the season to run around on your emotions! Study Job! The man lost Evvveerrryything, yet the Bible says, "he sat in sackcloth," in other words...he humbled himself to a lowly position, to a worship position, to a quiet and peaceable place; only God knows what Job said. The enemy is throwing "shade" and many are falling just with that, be not deceived! Everything is NOT as it appears, If you knew the voice of God before September 19th, you know His voice now (you just have to hone in your frequency because of the demonstrative holes in the earth)!!!